Saturday, April 23, 2005

"Pop her ... Pop her again"

South Carolina lawmakers have a controversial (in South Carolina, apparently) bill in front of them. It's called the "Protect Our Women in Every Relationship (POWER) Act", and is designed to strengthen laws against domestic violence. The lawmakers were taped at their committee meeting discussing this. According to
"Rep. John Graham Altman asked why the bill's title "Protect Our Women in Every Relationship (POWER)" just mentioned protecting women.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Harrison suggested calling the bill the "Protecting Our People in Every Relationship Act," or "POPER," ...

A voice on the tape is heard pronouncing it "Pop her." Then another says "Pop her again," followed by laughter."
The progressive Mr. Altman was later interviewed on WIS-TV and commented
"I do not understand why women continue to go back around men who abuse them," ... "I mean, you women want it one way and not another,"
Indeed. Imagine wanting both to be treated as equal partners with equal opportunities and, at the same time, wanting not to be beaten to a pulp by their husbands! I can almost hear the soft swish of knuckles against carpet as the above quotes were uttered.

Hey, "you women" in South Carolina! Can't you get rid of this guy at the next possible election? As Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, a Democrat who sponsored the bill, said,
"And they wonder why we rank in the bottom on women in office and we lead in women getting killed by men,"
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