Friday, May 27, 2005

Why Aren't I Asleep Yet?

Well, when I last posted I was in my hotel room working and expecting to go to bed afterwards. However, a surprising thing happened, and one for which I have the blog and email to thank.

It turns out that my good friend JoAnne Hewett (the one from my "Wine Snobs Rock" post early on in my blogging) was also at Fermilab today, serving on a HEPAP (High Energy Physics Advisory Panel) sub-panel. Neither of us would have known that the other was around except that JoAnne read my blog when she got back to her hotel room tonight and found out I was in town. She emailed me and, although it was late, we decided it was ridiculous not to get together, especially since our hotels are just two blocks apart.

I just got back, after we closed down the Warrenville Rock Bottom Brewery. It was great to spend this spontaneous time with JoAnne, and it just wouldn't have been possible without the web and email. It is entirely another, sadder fact that we're both now back on our computers working (I know, because we just emailed each other). Oh well, you can't fight a physicist's true nature.
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