Saturday, April 30, 2005

Teri Heads to Iraq

My good friend Teri Weaver is a reporter, based in Seoul, for the military newspaper, Stars and Stripes. I know Teri from her time as a reporter on the Post Standard, here in Syracuse. She is a smart and fun woman, whose sense of humor is dearly missed around here.

Beginning in the last week in May, until July 4th, Teri will be in Iraq. She has an interesting and well-written post about her upcoming time in a combat zone on her blog, stonesoup. The whole post is worth reading. Even though it is mostly written just for her friends, I think Teri has taken time (or is just a natural) to capture the nuances of her situation in her writing. For her friends who are wondering what she'll be doing in Iraq, she tells us that
"I'll be embedded with troops all the time, probably mostly around Baghdad, but if it seems plausible, I might request to spend some time with troops near Ramadi or other parts of the country. I'll be able to choose my assignments and my locations, so I'll have to use my own judgment."
Take care of yourself Teri, and exercise that judgment well. I'll see you when we meet up in China in August.
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